About us

We created Atheon Analytics to spark a revolution. We want to liberate businesses from the forest of data surrounding the insights they need to make decisions – revealing the patterns among the numbers, and unlocking understanding that everyone in the business can use.

Businesses have a world of information about what they sell, where, when, how and to whom. But the data is too large and complex for the human brain to process. And statistical models and 'business intelligence' applications feed you numbers without helping you explore, compare, segment, interact…

Atheon Analytics uses visual analytics to break down the barriers between you and your data – unlocking its full value by allowing every person in your business to instantly see, understand and act on the patterns that lie within it.

Our philosophy is to humanise data: it’s a commercial imperative, not a technical challenge.      

So who are we?

Atheon Consulting and Atheon Software Products were formed in 2005 and 2006 respectively, and were merged to form Atheon Analytics in 2010.

Our team has specialist expertise in: 

  • Information technology (including software development and cloud)
  • Retail (buying, merchandising and trade finance)
  • FMCG
  • Data manipulation and analysis
  • Commercial and operational finance
  • Change management
  • Commercial analysis


Guy Cuthbert - Managing Director

Guy Cuthbert
- Managing Director

Ian Hall - Commercial Director

Ian Hall
- Commercial Director

Ed Crawford - DevOps Manager

Ed Crawford
- DevOps Manager