We have known Dylan Jones, founder and editor of online magazine and forum Data Quality Pro, for a few years; Dylan's company, Information Quality Solutions ("IQS"), was an early customer for Visokio Omniscope and Dylan is a well-respected data quality ("DQ") professional.

Dylan founded Data Quality Pro back in 2008 to gather together expert opinion in the field and provide a forum for fellow DQ professionals. The Data Quality Pro audience has grown substantially over the past nine months, attracting DQ professionals from around the world and resulting in increased demands for new sources of content and technical innovation; Dylan contacted us to see whether any of our visual analytics techniques could be applied to the DQ world... to which our answer was an emphatic yes!

Dylan asked Ian Hall to put together an introductory talk on the subject, and review of this initial material resulted in an invitation for Ian and Guy Cuthbert to join Dylan for one -hour webinar - the second in a new series of expert opinion to be hosted on the Data Quality Pro website. The webinar was run on Thursday 15 July, to an audience of around 55 DQ professionals - largely from the UK, mainland Europe and North America - entitled "Data Visualisation Techniques for Improved Data Quality".

The webinar comprised three sections: a brief slide deck introducing the principles of data visualisation, visual analytics and the Data Animator thinking here at Atheon Analytics; a question and answer session addressing the value of visualisation techniques to the DQ professional; and a handful of live examples illustrated using our Data Pioneer's tool of choice, Visokio Omniscope.

Feedback from the audience, during the session, was very positive with the examples and key principles particularly well-received. For example, Ken Benson from Little Rock, Arkansas, USA posted during the event:


I am attending the webinar on Visualization Techniques for DQ at this time. It is fantastic. In the MS in Information Quality program at UALR, Data Visualization is one of the foundation courses. We understand the practicality and value of this technique; Guy and Ian have really put this concept to use. Great webinar; thank you for bringing this to the attention of other DQ professionals."

Praise indeed!

The link below takes you to the full webinar content, as held at Data Quality Pro, and we are hoping to be able to release a transcript in due course. If you find any of the material useful - as a DQ professional, or as a Data Consumer of any persuasion - please let us know... we are interested, as always, in your thoughts.

AuthorGuy Cuthbert