Developing world-class retail relationships through visual insight

Educating and supporting all sales and supply-chain personnel drives profitable results

  • Provided commercial managers with improved analyst-level skills – resulting in transformed relationships with retailers
  • Gained category captaincy at major supermarket within weeks of introducing visual analytics models
  • Recognised within the global organisation as world-leading at retailer insight

Paying for data – but failing to scratch the surface of the investment

Colgate was purchasing expensive weekly sales and pricing data, but struggling to deliver maximum value; some teams were using visual analytics tools to analyse the data, but others were unaware the tools existed. Account teams were isolated from each other, and none was maximising the company’s investment in data, or using it to transform retailer relationships.

Turning a wide range of managers into confident analysts

Atheon Analytics drove an awareness and skills programme to develop sales and supply chain managers in their use of visual analytics on the data at their fingertips. As they developed understanding, and grew in confidence, Colgate’s commercial managers used the insights gained to change their conversations with retailers; visual analytics enabled them to discuss and explore ideas with customers with confidence and certainty – more effectively than the market leaders.

Visual insight used to dispel myths and build trust with retailers

Tangible examples of ‘changing the game’ with visual insights came thick and fast; an informal range review for Tesco led to the discovery of significant oversights in the market leader’s analysis – and the category captaincy was handed over to Colgate in a matter of weeks. In another relationship, Colgate’s managers used visual analytics to diagnose slow sales of new product. Interactive visualisation revealed a geographical trend which had been obscured in all other systems, and the Colgate team was able to trace this back to a problem in a specific depot and effect swift remedy. Through results like these, the UK Colgate team is emerging as a global pioneer.

The edge visual analytics gives commercial managers is
in relationship building. It’s about going to the retailer and
offering a window on their business that they have never
seen before – more insight than they have themselves or
have ever been shown by a supplier.
— Account Manager, Atheon Analytics


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