The Data Revolution

It’s the Information Age, and it’s transforming every part of how we live. Information is the new competitive advantage. The trick is no longer making data available, but making it accessible.

In 2012, Forbes magazine declared:

“Big Data has the potential to utterly transform the relationship that individuals have with institutions, customers with companies, patients with the healthcare system, students with universities, and voters with government. And that means once it has fully penetrated society and industry, the Big Data revolution may very well prove a turning point in our economic – and ultimately, cultural – history as great as the electronics revolution. . . perhaps even as great as the first and second Industrial Revolutions.”

Atheon Analytics is putting a ding in the Business Information universe. We were inspired by: 

How things use to be What’s now part of normal life
Public library Google
Cassettes, CDs, LPs MP3 players and iTunes
Lecture Vocational blended learning course
Terrestrial TV Video on Demand like BBC iPlayer
Modern data graphics can do much more than simply substitute for small statistical tables. At their best, graphics are instruments for reasoning about quantitative information.
— "The Visual Display of Quantitative Information", Edward Tufte

The crucial difference


The revolution is about how we interact with data and information. From iTunes to Google, specialist tools are in the hands of the individual - we're all able to access vast amounts of information with ease in our homes and, increasingly, on the move.

But in our workplaces, we lag behind; analysing and interacting with data remains the preserve of the IT function, or in other specialist functions. It’s not yet been set free. That’s where Atheon Analytics is sparking a revolution. Our technologies, techniques and people put data and insight into the hands of the people who have the best knowledge of how to derive value from it: senior managers, sales people, product and category managers – anyone in the business who is making decisions about product, price, promotion and place.