Grocery data comparison

Atheon Analytics has worked with grocery retailer EPOS data feeds since its formation in 2006, and has developed unrivalled expertise in exploring retailer data for mutual commercial advantage. Our visual analytics techniques and services have evolved in line with the growth in depth and availability of information within grocery retail; both the increase in metrics, and the detail available (increasingly by SKU, day, store etc). As such, many clients have asked us to compare the standard information available to them from the major UK grocers, and we have built up a considerable body of knowledge.

The tool below allows you to compare data available from ASDA RetailLink, Morrisons MSD, Sainsbury's Horizons and Tesco TescoLink. We continue to work with an increasing range of retailer systems, and will continue to add information to this tool, so please check back regularly for updates.

If you would like to discuss your use of one or more of these systems within your organisation, please contact us so that we can explore your specific needs, and talk you through the pros and cons of different approaches.