What we do: High Change businesses

Visual analytics provides critical information to organisations that are rapidly changing, or responding to a change in the market.

It helps senior managers, change managers and the project management office (PMO) draw out the insight they need to develop new strategies, products and pricing models, for example.

It’s really clever at:

  • diagnosing existing challenges
    “WHY isn’t that product/category/logistics working?”
  • solving unsolvable problems
    “What links together all the late deliveries in June, and what does that tell us about how to transform delivery times?”
  • evaluating the impact of a change over time
    “What happened when we changed the price of X?”
    “What is the impact of the new logistics process?”
  • modelling future scenarios
    “What if we change the price to...?”
    “How much could we expect to sell of product X if we put it on the shelf above?”
Modelling future scenarios in high change industries
— Atheon Analytics