What we do: High Transaction businesses

Atheon helps businesses in retail, leisure, hospitality, financial services and e-business improve performance and profitability through being able to quickly explore, understand and use detailed insights from their data.

Visual analytics reveals the hidden patterns and subtlety of detail in complex information, which are often masked by the aggregation and summarisation involved in most management reporting.

It’s really clever at:

  • identifying extremes of performance - “What are the ‘good’ transactions we need to repeat, and the ‘bad’ transactions we must reduce?”
  • making data analysis more intuitive - “What can this tell me, quickly and easily, that will help me make this decision with confidence?”
  • improving group understanding of complex situations - “Where is the evidence that will help us put the right actions in place?”

Outliers are signposts to expectional performance - to spot them, we must explore and understand large volumes of detailed data.
— Atheon Analytics