Sainsbury's Horizon user perception survey

We are interested in retail suppliers' experiences and opinions of grocery retail data services, and run an ongoing survey for users of Sainsbury's Horizon system. The results below are updated regularly, and summarise typical usage of Horizons, its effectiveness and the opportunities and challenges that it presents.

The survey closes with the question:

"If you could change one thing about the Horizon system/your current internal data processes, what would that change be?"

Below are a selection of the responses generated:


Other retailers have available daily information on [an] easy to use system. Horizon appears to over complicate basic reports... some subcategories are unable to use the full features of Horizon given their logistical routing; rendering the system useless.
— National Account Manager, Supplements
To have the option to have training on Horizon. Would like more time before Horizon times out. Would like to be able to download Horizon more than once and to access historical data on Big Button.
— Customer Supply Chain Management, Beauty/Skincare
Easier, faster, more robust access to sales data. Having worked on the Asda account, Retail Link is a superior system.
— National Account Manager, Ambient Goods
I find the Horizon system to be very inconsistent in returning any information at all - this is an issue other users from my company have had too.
— Senior Business Manager, Alcoholic Beverages
If you could combine Aimia sales data reporting with the waste and availability, service level information from Horizon that would be the ultimate report!
— Account Executive, Chilled Foods
I would like to be able to split sales, wastage and availability between Main Estate and Convenience. The touchpoint system is good but system quite often freezes mid report. Would also be good to access data YOY. I.e: Compare last 4 weeks with 4 weeks LY
— National Account Executive, Fresh Produce
I am constantly getting logged out of the system, even if my period of inactivity has been very small. When running reports for all my product families, in the time it takes me to export and save the file I have been logged out and have to go through the whole log in process again. If these issues were rectified I would have much better use of the system.
— Business Development Manager, Beauty/Skincare
The front end appears very old and quite awkward, especially compared to other retailers and data sets in market....... the data outputs and reports are in an awkward format and do not offer a complete solution (these will generally then have to be manipulated or dumped into a secondary set of reporting tools). With a more efficient and user friendly information portal (like Aimia), I am confident that Horizon would be a far more frequently used and a more effective tool to me personally and my business.
— National Account Manager, Household
I would want it to be simpler and quicker to get to the same level of data that Asda offer. Getting store level data is very important, but near impossible in a decent timeframe with Horizon
— Lead Business Development Manager, Frozen Foods
It should be more like MSD (Morrisons) or even Tesco Link - its clumsy, like a dinosaur and a pain to use / download. You are restricted on too small a window, the reports crash if you ask for too much data and I hate it!

Making Horizon user friendly so that basic reporting is simplified and straightforward is [the answer].
— Category Manager, Alcoholic Beverages