On Friday 28th November the Atheon team went to Willen Lake in Milton Keynes for our Dream Circus Christmas party!

Kicking off the festive season early certainly has its merits! Everyone seems to have enjoyed themselves - employees, managers and directors alike - and it’s good to get together with partners and celebrate in style.
— Guy Cuthbert, Managing Director
Good to see the team can party even harder than they work.
— Ian Hall, Commercial Director
Great night out with the team and partners. Drunk dodgems, dancing girls, fire & good food - what more could you want!
— Ed Crawford, DevOps Manager
Great to see the Team (and the extended Atheon Family) in their glad-rags...and getting their game-face on for the dodgems, although getting ‘biffed’ by Vishal was a low-point!
— Simon Runc, Tableau Ambasador
I’m going to be making a claim on Vishals insurance!
— Joanna Pakes, Visualisation Analyst
I forgot to get insurance, sorry Jo!
— Vishal Jethwa, Database Developer
Who would’ve thought a mythical circus and Christmas Party would go hand in hand. This was a spectacular event with aerial tightrope walkers, and intriguing performances that left us all in awe, especially after a few drinks.
— Vinit Joshi, Junior Database Developer
The perfect Christmas combination of circus acts, drinks and dodgems!
— Callum Harrison, Sales & Marketing
Apparently I drive dodgems better than my own car!
— Georgia Cuthbert, Office Administrator
Amazing team night out. I got to release my inner Michael Jackson on the dance floor!
— Shabeer Sheffa, Full Stack Developer
AuthorCallum Harrison