Atheon are attending the IGD Sainsbury's trade briefing 2016 with SKUtrak®!

The IGD bills this event as "a unique opportunity for Sainsbury’s suppliers to learn how they can work more effectively – and ultimately sell more – with the retailer."

Our SKUtrak® Sales Controller Lauren Wright will be in London to learn from Mike Coupe and the senior team about how suppliers can maximise their opportunities with Sainsbury's. We will then share our learnings with the 400 Sainsbury's suppliers who are using our SKUtrak service; the UK's leading grocery flow-of-goods tracker.

If you are attending the Sainsbury's trade briefing and want to further understand the benefits of using your retailer data more effectively then get in touch with Lauren on or 07985 236 253.

If you supply Sainsbury’s or Morrisons then you can get SKUtrak for free today at

AuthorCallum Harrison