Atheon Analytics announces the appointment of Lauren Wright as SKUtrak sales controller. She will be leading the charge to bring the UK's leading grocery flow-of-goods tracker to even more FMCG suppliers.

Lauren has 8 years of sales experience, most recently working for the grocery field sales agency Tactical solutions. She is an expert in helping suppliers understand the incremental benefits of using retailer data efficiently.

“I'm joining Atheon as I believe there has never been a better time to introduce SKUtrak (the grocery flow-of-goods tracker) to the market. It is not just about solving issues at store level but to identify the root cause by tracking SKUs throughout the supply chain. In a time where range rationalisation, de-listing and poor availability are in the spotlight it is vital that suppliers are achieving retailer benchmarking KPIs and maintaining the optimum service levels at all times. With the industry focus for success being linked to retailer and supplier collaboration, it is essential that Commercial and Supply Chain teams are given the tools to talk in retailer’s language.” Lauren says.

Chris Needham, Atheon's Product Manager, comments: "SKUtrak is reaching more suppliers than ever before as the industry begins to realise the value of being data-driven. Adding Lauren to the team is a key part of making sure we have an efficient process in place to distribute SKUtrak further and faster than ever before”.

AuthorCallum Harrison