Atheon attend the FDE 2016 with SKUtrak!

Atheon will be at the Food & Drink Expo 2016 to talk to FMCG suppliers about SKUtrak, the UK's leading grocery flow-of-good tracker.

Our SKUtrak Sales Controller Lauren Wright will be touring the NEC Birmingham from the 18th - 20th April to find the suppliers of Sainsbury's & Morrisons who could benefit from using their retailer data more efficiently.

Get in touch with Lauren on or 07985 236 253.

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AuthorCallum Harrison

Atheon Analytics announces the appointment of Lauren Wright as SKUtrak sales controller. She will be leading the charge to bring the UK's leading grocery flow-of-goods tracker to even more FMCG suppliers.

Lauren has 8 years of sales experience, most recently working for the grocery field sales agency Tactical solutions. She is an expert in helping suppliers understand the incremental benefits of using retailer data efficiently.

“I'm joining Atheon as I believe there has never been a better time to introduce SKUtrak (the grocery flow-of-goods tracker) to the market. It is not just about solving issues at store level but to identify the root cause by tracking SKUs throughout the supply chain. In a time where range rationalisation, de-listing and poor availability are in the spotlight it is vital that suppliers are achieving retailer benchmarking KPIs and maintaining the optimum service levels at all times. With the industry focus for success being linked to retailer and supplier collaboration, it is essential that Commercial and Supply Chain teams are given the tools to talk in retailer’s language.” Lauren says.

Chris Needham, Atheon's Product Manager, comments: "SKUtrak is reaching more suppliers than ever before as the industry begins to realise the value of being data-driven. Adding Lauren to the team is a key part of making sure we have an efficient process in place to distribute SKUtrak further and faster than ever before”.

AuthorCallum Harrison

Atheon is proud to announce the immediate availability of the Morrisons channel for SKUtrak®, its award-winning grocery retail analytics service.

Since it was launched in March 2014, success of the original Sainsbury’s channel has established SKUtrak® as the UK’s leading grocery flow-of-goods tracker with more than 400 UK FMCG customers. During this time Atheon has developed, improved, and enhanced SKUtrak functionality to meet the needs of those customers and set the product direction for further retailer channels.

The new channel is available for all Morrisons’ suppliers who subscribe to Morrisons’ Supplier Database (commonly known as MSD). Like all SKUtrak channels, it’s available in both Free and Premium editions. The Free editions collect data automatically every day and display it in an interactive, visual dashboard. The Premium editions of SKUtrak add root-cause analysis, promotional tracking, and range planning tools; following a single SKU through multiple types of analysis with ease, from one end of the supply chain to the other. 

If you supply Sainsbury’s or Morrisons’ supermarkets then register today for the Free editions at, or contact us to receive news and updates on SKUtrak. 

I’m extremely pleased to be announcing the SKUtrak Morrisons’ channel today. We’ve had tremendous interest from our customer base for this new channel, and we’re certain that it will prove as effective in improving their trading performance with Morrisons’ as the existing Sainsbury’s channel.
— Chris Needham, SKUtrak Product Manager
Atheon is actively working on new channels for other grocery retailers which will be launched during 2016, and customer demand is already presenting opportunities beyond supermarkets with specific interest in health and beauty. SKUtrak has demonstrated the commercial value of visual analytics in the grocery retail market, and it underlines our commitment to this vital sector of the UK economy.
— Guy Cuthbert, Managing Director
AuthorCallum Harrison

EXASOL demonstrates that scalability works two ways, both up and down, for its customers, with a database that can query millions of rows in real-time but fits in the palm of the hand.

Atheon Analytics, the specialist retail analytics consultancy working with some of the UK’s largest retailers and suppliers, has developed the EXASOL-in-my-pocket device to power its proof-of-concept data visualizations.

AuthorCallum Harrison

On Friday 28th November the Atheon team went to Willen Lake in Milton Keynes for our Dream Circus Christmas party!

Kicking off the festive season early certainly has its merits! Everyone seems to have enjoyed themselves - employees, managers and directors alike - and it’s good to get together with partners and celebrate in style.
— Guy Cuthbert, Managing Director
Good to see the team can party even harder than they work.
— Ian Hall, Commercial Director
Great night out with the team and partners. Drunk dodgems, dancing girls, fire & good food - what more could you want!
— Ed Crawford, DevOps Manager
Great to see the Team (and the extended Atheon Family) in their glad-rags...and getting their game-face on for the dodgems, although getting ‘biffed’ by Vishal was a low-point!
— Simon Runc, Tableau Ambasador
I’m going to be making a claim on Vishals insurance!
— Joanna Pakes, Visualisation Analyst
I forgot to get insurance, sorry Jo!
— Vishal Jethwa, Database Developer
Who would’ve thought a mythical circus and Christmas Party would go hand in hand. This was a spectacular event with aerial tightrope walkers, and intriguing performances that left us all in awe, especially after a few drinks.
— Vinit Joshi, Junior Database Developer
The perfect Christmas combination of circus acts, drinks and dodgems!
— Callum Harrison, Sales & Marketing
Apparently I drive dodgems better than my own car!
— Georgia Cuthbert, Office Administrator
Amazing team night out. I got to release my inner Michael Jackson on the dance floor!
— Shabeer Sheffa, Full Stack Developer
AuthorCallum Harrison

Atheon Analytics, the specialist retail analytics consultancy working with some of the UK’s largest retailers and suppliers, has chosen EXASOL, the fast in-memory analytic database, to power its clients’ data visualisations.  As a result, Atheon Analytics now benefits from superior analytic performance to speed up the visual data insights it provides to retailers and suppliers, which in turn helps them make informed business decisions with more speed and ease than ever before.

AuthorCallum Harrison

Atheon Analytics announces the appointment of Vinit Joshi as Junior SQL Developer.

Vinit will be assisting Database Architect Rose Ahearne with the ongoing research and development of Atheon’s award-winning SKUtrak® service and the wider DataSatellite™ platform, learning from her as well as from the considerable experience of the wider DevOps team. 

Rose says: “I’m looking forward to working closely with Vinit, he is a welcome addition to the Atheon team, and brings with him a wealth of experience. With Vinit on board, Atheon is ready to tackle even more data!”

Vinit was previously an intern developer for TomTom and more recently a Database Administrator for FCT Enterprises. During his time at FCT Vinit worked with SQL, SSIS and ETL.
Vinit says: “I'm joining Atheon Analytics as I'm ready to take it to the next level with Big Data and Business Intelligence.I'm looking forward to contributing towards the continued growth of SKUtrak®”

Ed Crawford, Atheon DevOps Manager comments: “The Junior Database Developer role in the DevOps team is something that emerged as a necessity over the last few months so that we can continue to provide great support to our clients and develop SKUtrak® at the necessary pace. Vinit has all the right technical skills and characteristics to make a big impact on the platform and I'm excited to have him as part of the team”

AuthorCallum Harrison

Atheon has unveiled the new look and name for their award-winning grocery retail analysis tool. As a part of a series of major upgrades to the tool, the team decided that a new name would better reflect the enhanced functionality offered to suppliers.

The new branding retains the same feel as the original "SKUview" logo, but reflects the clarity of the updated interface. This is not the end of the upgrades to SKUtrak, however. The team have several significant updates scheduled for the near future.

AuthorRebecca Zeitlin
Retail Systems Shortlist

We are pleased to announce that Atheon Analytics has been shortlisted for Retail Innovation of the Year at the 10th Anniversary Retail Systems Awards. The Retail Systems Awards experienced their highest number of entries ever this year, so we are even more honoured to be included on such a distinguished list of finalists.

This is Atheon's first-ever entry in the Retail Systems Awards and our shortlisting marks another milestone in a very exciting year. Managing Director Guy Cuthbert comments: "We're delighted that Retail Systems has selected Atheon Analytics' SKUtrak® for the short-list of the Retail Innovation of the Year award - we would love to add this award to our Grocer Gold win and Retail Week nominations. We're flattered to be listed alongside retail champions like SPAR and House of Fraser and are pleased that SKUtrak's innovative data visualisation, actionable analytics, and insightful operational alerting have been recognised in this way. It's great feedback for the creative and hard-working team here at Atheon Analytics."


For the complete shortlist, please visit

AuthorRebecca Zeitlin

On the 11th June 2015, the Atheon Analytics team tackled the infamous Wolf Run.

We recorded the whole experience in order to share and relive all 3 hours of fun with you!

AuthorCallum Harrison

Last Saturday, the Atheon team headed to Stanford Hall in Leicestershire to tackle the Wolf Run obstacle race. The morning was cool and rainy - perfect conditions for slogging through the mud! Here's what the team had to say:

It was the best team-building event we’ve ever done.
— Rose, Database Architect
The Wolf Run was a really great event. Nothing brings a team closer together than rain, mud, and three hours of shivering!
— Callum, Sales & Marketing Executive
I’ve never been happier to be so wrong about a challenge - such fun and a great sense of achievement. So nice to see everyone helping each other get round the course...what a team!
— Ed, DevOps Manager

The team stayed together throughout the course, arriving at the finish line with smiles and plenty of mud to bring home. Go Team Atheon!

AuthorRebecca Zeitlin

Last week, Atheon was named a finalist for the Greybridge Project of the Year in the 2015 Retail Week Tech & Ecomm Awards. Today we were announced as a finalist for Technology Supplier of the Year in the 2015 Grocer Gold Awards. This is Atheon's third consecutive year as a Grocer Gold finalist, winning the award in 2013.

Both awards were entered with the same project: the Morrisons Range Review Tool, an innovative visual analytics toolset developed with and for commercial teams at Morrisons. The tool combines internal and market analysis data to present a holistic picture of product and range performance, helping Morrisons buyers and category managers to identify product range, distribution, and margin opportunities.

Guy Cuthbert, Atheon's Managing Director, comments: "We are delighted to have made the final Grocer Gold shortlist for the third year in a row - it's an honour to be recognised for our work, and amongst the other competitors. I'm very proud of the work that the whole Atheon team has put into this Morrisons tool, together with many other successful projects delivered over the past twelve months. Our continued success is built on their outstanding work."

To see the full list of finalists, visit the Grocer Gold Awards and the Retail Week Tech & Ecomm Awards.

AuthorRebecca Zeitlin

We are thrilled to announce that our very own Tableau genius Simon Runc has been named one of the first Tableau Ambassadors. 

This new program has been created by Tableau to recognise those who have consistently offered exceptional leadership and contributions to the Tableau Community. Tableau is very strongly community-driven, with users reaching out to each other for answers to questions and to share best practices. Simon is an active participant in the community, growing his own knowledge while helping others.

As Tableau states in their initial announcement, these people "represent the spirit [of] what the Tableau Community really is - we are lucky to have such passionate individuals among us."

Simon is an invaluable asset to the Atheon team. He is the man behind the new Tableau-based SKUtrak® Premium, as well as working on many of our consulting projects. Congratulations, Simon!


See the original blog announcing the Tableau Ambassadors here:

AuthorRebecca Zeitlin

Atheon Analytics announces the appointment of Chris Needham as Product Manager. He will be leading the ongoing development of Atheon’s award-winning SKUtrak® tool, adding his considerable experience to the Atheon team.


Needham has over 15 years of FMCG supply chain management experience, previously working for both suppliers and data providers. He is an expert in optimising supply chain, category, and commercial performance. His understanding of the issues and opportunities facing suppliers enables him to see the benefits of using retailer data efficiently.

“I’m joining Atheon as I believe that they are best placed to help suppliers grow with their combination of retail experience and the SKUtrak visual analytics tool,” Needham says. “I believe I can help existing clients grow their business and bring on board new developments to help new clients truly understand and develop their relationships with retailers.”

Ian Hall, Atheon’s Commercial Director, comments: “SKUtrak is growing rapidly as more and more suppliers realise the value of being a data-driven business. Adding Chris to the team is a key part of making sure we have the retail experience we need to develop SKUtrak even further.”