Omniscope, from Visokio, is a powerful visual analytics tool which enables analysts to cover all stages in the visual analytics process: from sourcing data through visual transformation, matching, combination, exploration and discovery, all the way to interactive visual presentation of results. Along the way, Omniscope provides access to a huge wealth of data sources including local data, enterprise systems, cloud services, and more. Omniscope provides a broad array of visualisations - from commonplace graphs and charts to more exotic options including Venn, treemap, and network.

Atheon Analytics has been a Visokio reseller partner since 2006 and has developed an unrivaled understanding of Omniscope in that time. Atheon provides clients across many sectors, including grocery retail and consumer goods with Omniscope software, support, training, model design and development, and fully-managed outsourcing of Omniscope Enterprise though Atheon's DataSatellite service.