Atheon’s SKUview data visualisation tool enables cake manufacturer to maximise key product availability and in-store performance and reduce site waste

Park Cakes, the UK’s leading manufacturer of retailer-own brand cakes, has achieved key service level improvements; a reduction in site waste; and overall greater visibility of product provision through the use of a new data visualisation tool, SKUview, from Atheon Analytics, the provider of visual analytics solutions. 

Visualising daily retailer supplier data

By providing a visual interpretation of daily retailer supplier data through SKUview, available for free at its entry level, Park Cakes is able to see key patterns in depot and store performance, giving it actionable insight to improve its overall commercial performance. 

Ruth Robson, Commercial Controller, Park Cakes, comments, “SKUview has liberated retailer data. It gives us the ability to plan more effectively, give the retailer – and therefore the consumer – the maximum date code on products and significantly reduce retailer waste through over ordering.” She continues, “The data is factual rather than assumption, which opens up conversation and enables us to assess current product trends and present back useful insight to the retailer.” 

Major issue: site waste

Julie Kenyon, Supply Chain Manager, Park Cakes, adds, “Site waste is one of our major issues. With time windows on placing orders for ingredients as well as making and delivering product, Park Cakes needs to have an accurate, current view on what is happening within the retailer network. This allows us to more accurately manage our production schedules, giving better control over working capital and ensuring that both the retailer and we have the minimum waste on stock.”

She continues, “With access to current data that is readily available, can be drilled down into in order to view specific analysis and that is visually presented for ease of understanding, we can be making a product and know pretty quickly if it is selling or not, or if orders are spiking. In using data that’s only 12-24 hours behind, we can see what’s successful, what the customers are buying and exactly what’s left on the shelf, thus reducing waste.”

Actionable visual insight

Through use of actionable, visual insight, Parkcakes is able to offer factual information back to the retailer about order and stock levels and identify key product trends. In these cases, the data is saving the retailer money and wastage by identifying quickly what should be happening to product production. Ruth Robson explains, “Based on analysis of data presented to us through SKUview, we can really add to our retailer relationship in offering sound factual advice on what they require based on consumer buying habits, promotional successes and order numbers. We can plan more effectively in-house and pass on that intel to the retailer.”

For example, when it comes to trend analysis, Park Cakes is able to determine the effects of product promotions and seasonal factors – such as school holidays, good or bad weather and sporting events – on its stock and adapt accordingly. 

With actionable insight, Park Cakes is also able to identify issues within the supply chain, with a particular store or depot, and quickly address these to maximise key product availability and in-store performance. Finally, through this analysis, the company can present back to the retailer and advise on strategic business decisions moving forward.

Using the information you have

Julie Kenyon comments, “It is about using the information you have readily available to best build a relationship with the retailer and offer information about product lines, stock controls and order quantities. We want to be seen as an asset to our customers and are continually looking to improve our service levels and working relationships in providing continued benefits to them.”

She concludes, “Through the use of SKUview, our business is able to run far more smoothly in being able to plan what is required, schedule production shifts, know what vehicles are where and delivering what, save time on data analysis and communicate quickly and effectively with our customers.” She adds, “What used to take near six to seven hours of data reviewing is now a five minute job with many more benefits. Retailers are busy and under pressure – if we can be a supplier that makes their jobs easier through informative decision-making from visualised data, then we are both benefiting hugely from that relationship.”

Register for the free edition of SKUview today and start reaping the benefits of becoming an insight-driven business.


SKUview has liberated our retailer data. It gives us the ability to plan more effectively, give the retailer – and therefore the consumer – the maximum date code on products and significantly reduce retailer waste through over ordering
— Ruth Robson, Commercial Controller, Park Cakes
We are delighted in the take up to date of the SKUview product from brands like Park Cakes. It is proof that we are starting to solve an issue in the market by visually tracking product performance at a granular level to help manufacturers understand and predict behaviour and performance. This allows brands to build a single product view and make informed strategic business decisions.
— Ian Hall, Commercial Director, Atheon Analytics