From unknown brand to nationwide in Big 4 grocer: how opportunity visualisation established unparalleled trust and access

  • Petface: From a standing start to a listing in every UK Sainsbury’s - in 16 months
  • Turnover: doubled in the space of two years
  • An overlooked market and range now a core part of every Sainsbury’s store.
  • Growth: forecast at 40% for the coming year

Great products but a ‘closed’ market

Sales for Petface, a small pet accessories supplier, were generally confined to independent stores and garden centres. With low brand recognition and an unrecognised market, getting a foot in the door with a major retailer would be difficult – but would mean huge potential for growth.

Sainsbury’s: trust and confidence to roll out Petface throughout UK

Atheon analysed the vast pool of untapped existing data, transforming unfathomable numbers into understandable, interactive insight. The visual picture highlighted previously invisible areas of significant growth. The Atheon interface allowed Sainsbury’s to probe and interact with data, like never before. Faced with more

rich and credible insight than even their largest suppliers could provide, Sainsbury’s quickly partnered with Petface to capitalise on this market.

Visualisation: shifts relationship from selling product to joint problem solving

Petface created an interactive visual picture using Atheon Analytics to find and communicate possible solutions to category challenges. The visualisation of data created common ground. The focus shifted from selling product to jointly solving problems. A trusted relationship was established and Sainsbury’s found it easy to try and test the solutions presented by the clear data. This approach is now best practice at Sainsbury’s and other suppliers are actively encouraged to learn the Petface approach, designed and facilitated by Atheon Analytics.

Case Study Pet face.jpg
Sainsbury’s were amazed at what visual analytics reveals. Together we could see solutions to problems they hadn’t even quantified. It’s that quality of data that gives us credibility and makes us trusted
— Sales representative for Petface


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