Retail analysis

As retailers and product ranges have grown, so has the need to better manage every aspect of the retailer / supplier / consumer relationship. Atheon Analytics has a wealth of experience in the retail industry, with the senior team coming from a variety of commercial roles in grocers including Sainsbury's, Tesco and Wal*Mart. Atheon has delivered substantial value, with returns on investment measured in months - even weeks - to clients in the retail and consumer goods sectors, through a combination of the best technical solutions and pragmatic, commercial application of insight.

We live your challenges every day. To help you further understand the many potential uses of effective analytics in the retail sector we provide a list of relevant links below. For a more thorough explanation, and guidance on how to make the most of your data, please contact us for a discussion.  


Industry Experts

  • IGD, sharing best practice throughout UK retail
  • The Grocer, weekly news from the grocery sector
  • Planet Retail , the source for the global developments in retail
  • McKinsey, strategic thinking for Retail and Consumer Goods

EPOS analysis

    Product information management

    Field sales & store performance

    Logistics planning

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