What we do: Retail & Consumer Goods

Visual Analytics helps to build strong, mutually-beneficial relationships between retailers and suppliers. Visual Retail Analytics offer a powerful means for retailers and suppliers to collaborate on exploration, understanding, decision and action to improve profits and reduce risks for both parties.

By visualising and crunching massive amounts of data, effective retail analytics generate information which is communicated effortlessly, shared and explored interactively, discussed collaboratively and actioned with certainty; driving commercial gains for all parties.

Organisations that have achieved a step change in performance with Atheon Analytics, using our DataSatellite™ visual analytics platform, include international retailers, global brand owners, own-label manufacturers, agile suppliers, rapid-growth challenger brands and product aggregators and distributors.

Visual Retail Analytics is perfect for

  • uncovering mutual opportunities:
    “Where are the additional winnable sales?”
    “What are the most appropriate promotional mechanics for this category?”
  • supporting improved customer and product profitability:
    "Which products and customer types are the least price sensitive?"
    "Where can we attack cost prices to get the greatest gain?"
    "What operational processes leak the most profit, and how can we improve these?"
  • facilitating forecasting:
    “How has this product sold during similar promotions?”
    "What is the typical take-up of new product lanuches like this?"
    "Which stores and products will be most affected by a change in order patterns?"
We can look at promotional analysis in ways that were never before possible, and we have greater agility at a time when the market is changing quickly and we can’t afford to wait around for answers.
— Category Management Team Manager, Colgate-Palmolive (UK) Ltd.