Tableau, from Tableau Software, helps people see and understand their data as information is presented in consistent, easily-digested forms that suit a wide array of end-user applications.  Tableau can be deployed as a single-user desktop analytical tool or as an enterprise-wide visual analytics and reporting suite suitable for thousands of users. Tableau connects to everything from local spreadsheets and text files through mainstream databases like Oracle and SQL Server to high-end analytical databases such as ParAccel, Teradata, and Vectorwise, as well as a variety of Hadoop options and the cloud-based analytical databases from Google (BigQuery) and Amazon (Redshift).

Atheon Analytics uses Tableau to deliver retail analytics consulting projects, build client-specific solutions, and develop client expertise in visual analytics to organisations across grocery retail and consumer goods. Atheon Analytics is a Tableau Reseller Partner, providing clients with implementation support, grocery-specific training, analytical model development, and life-cycle management.

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Tableau keeps a longer list available, in a neat Tableau Public tool, and Andy Kriebel's VizWiz has a list of Tableau Zen Master blogs.

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