The Trade Relationship Revolution

Atheon hosted a Visual Retail Analytics forum at The Mermaid Conference Centre, London on 14 March 2013 to explore why the Trade Relationship Revolution started, what the early revolutionaries have achieved and how it offers tremendous opportunities for retailers and consumer goods suppliers alike.

Presentation videos available

  1. Clive Humby's keynote speech: The Behaviour Revolution
  2. Carrie Bedingfield: The Relationship Revolution
  3. Guy Cuthbert (for Pete Johnson): The Data Revolution

What is it?

The expertise and effort applied to understanding consumer data in the Loyalty Data Revolution of the 2000s is now set to transform trade relationships. The lines of competitive advantage have been redrawn. The race is now on to adopt and take advantage of the new landscape…

This Trade Relationship Revolution takes the expertise, insight and technologies developed for consumer buying behaviour (used to determine range, offer, promotion and customer communications) and applies it to trade relationships. This means next generation understanding of execution, fulfilment and measurement of the trading relationships – between retailer and supplier – required to meet consumer and shopper expectations.

How will it affect me?

This is the biggest step change in supplier/retailer relationships in 20 years; 2013 will see a race to adopt this approach - for both manufacturers and multiple retailers. Whoever gets there rapidly, reliably and robustly will win the largest share, build the strongest relationships and create the most favourable conditions for profitable long-term growth.

This revolution is unique in that it unites suppliers and retailers – it highlights and solves common retail challenges, like Out of Stock instances, New Product Implementation and Promotional Planning and Execution. Organisations that understand this new framework, pursue fact-based discussions and seek to collaborate rather than control, will out-perform the market.

Who are the revolutionaries?

How are emerging suppliers taking business away from established competitors in 2013? It’s not enough to rely on better price, product, promotion or place. Challengers are developing and sharing much richer, action-oriented insight than their competitors (and even retailer customers themselves) can achieve. Information is shared visually and collaboratively to drive common understanding and action. Until recently, this was the preserve of only a handful of global brand owners, but recent advances in technology are enabling suppliers of all sizes to work with retail customers to form high-performance teams and co-deliver category-beating strategies. Every supplier wants to be in this team. Every retailer wants well-informed suppliers with this rich insight in their team.

Retailers are: Suppliers are:
Working with new tools, at greater levels of granularity and detail, to understand opportunities by product, store and promotion. Racing to become the 'go to' supplier in their key categories, with the greatest understanding, insight and best relationships with their retail customers.
Embracing suppliers who are confident with data, communicate detailed understanding, and speak the same language of insight and action. Building broader relationships, beyond the buyer, into replenishment, logistics, accounts payable and marketing.
Delivering step-change sales and incremental margin through better planning, execution and measurement of all activity. Upstaging slower, more traditional competitors by using this Trade Relationship Revolution to their advantage.

The Trade Relationship Revolution addresses the largest, untapped marginal gain – using levels of detail which enable a gear shift in discussions about product strategy and fulfilment

  • Out of Stock tracking – rapidly revealing and solving out-of-stock hotspots, avoiding broken loyalty both to brand and retailer by reaching and retaining 100% availability.
  • New Product Launch fulfilment – maximising every pound of advertising spend, with the right stock in the right place at the right time.
  • Promotional Planning – measuring and monitoring past promotional performance in detail, driving for accurate fact-based forecasts to ensure optimal stocking.
  • Promotional Logistics fulfilment – product-by-store-by-day data granularity ensures promoted products are supported with agile stock management.
  • Category Management – detailed, product-level category planning and execution offers substantial improvements in sales and margin, particularly in niche, unloved categories.

Why now?

Shifting to the next level of detail and granularity means an explosion in both the complexity of data and the time to process and understand it. Our cognitive processor can’t handle the staggering volume of data involved without visualisation. No-one has the time and resources required to collect, collate and crunch the numbers manually. The Trade Relationship Revolution enables and depends upon automated processing of huge datasets, with the results presented in rich, interactive visualisations, enabling all decision makers – at all levels, and across functions and the supply chain – to explore, understand and effect improved business performance.

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London | 14 March 2013 | featuring:

Keynote talk from Clive Humby
Founder, H&D Ventures

The Behaviour Revolution: the pioneer of retail consumer insight presents a perspective of past lessons and future trends.

Watch the video of Clive's talk

Peter Johnson, Founder, Petface

The Data Revolution: how did a radical approach to driving insight from trade data enable newcomer Petface to lead its sector?

Watch the video of Pete's talk

Carrie Bedingfield, Founder, Onefish Twofish

The Relationship Revolution: how neutral facts are transforming business relationships.

Watch the video of Carrie's talk

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