What is Visual Analytics

Put simply, visual analytics involves turning numbers into pictures that anyone in the organisation can access, understand and interact with to harvest rich insight from vast data sources.

The science comes into its own when humans need to analyse information that is so huge and complex it’s impossible to process. Visual analytics tools and techniques create an interactive view of data that reveals the patterns within it, enabling everyone to become researchers and analysts.

Visual analytics is the science of analytical reasoning facilitated by interactive visual interfaces.
— James J. Thomas and Kristin A. Cook, Illuminating the Path: The R&D Agenda for Visual Analytics (National Visualization and Analytics Centre, 2005)

Visual Analytics

Visual Analytics is an emerging discipline, and we're proud to be at the forefront of this new science, working hard to apply it to commercial organisations. We have learned a lot since we started in the field in 2006. and collected below are some of our favourite resources to help you benefit from our experience.

Where to start

It brings together computer science, information visualization, cognitive and perceptual sciences, interactive design, graphic design, and social sciences. More than this, visual analytics enables a new breed of storyteller to communicate facts in an incredibly accessible, understandable way; watch Hans Rosling explain 200 years of global history in just 20 minutes:


Commercial Tools

If you are interested in visual analytics tools, take a look at our product comparison.


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