What we do

Atheon Analytics creates an interactive view of your data world – collecting, crunching and visualizing your data for you - enabling you to see patterns, explore trends and understand the insight living in your data like never before.

Reveal Patterns

Our technology platform, DataSatellite™, turns numbers into pictures, bringing to life important patterns that reveal a true picture of your business. Insight is suddenly accessible and engaging to everyone – anyone can analyse and interact with it, understand it and use it to improve their performance.

Organisations that have achieved a step change in performance using DataSatellite include large retailers, global brand owners, agile suppliers and distributors and other high transaction businesses including utilities, telcos, hospitality and leisure leaders. 

DataSatellite - the technology that makes the magic happen

DataSatellite is our online, fully-managed visual analytics solution, which gathers raw information from your data world and converts it into interactive visuals that you can access and explore at any time.

It manages your data and reveals the patterns in the form that is most meaningful to you – from strategic management information in KPI dashboards, through to detailed interactive operational reporting for divisional, departmental and individual use.

We can provide a customised DataSatellite, built to your exact needs or connect you with a feed from existing DataSatellites already in orbit around major grocery retailers. Choose from:

  • JS Analytics: for suppliers to Sainsbury's 

DataSatellite utilises some of the most innovative and empowering information technology around, including tools and techniques described by Gartner as the "consumerisation of Business Intelligence", and which Forrester refers to as "BI 3.0". 

What DataSatellite does:

  • Boosts profitability and innovation: you can drill down and explore to spot trends and ask ‘what if?’.
  • Improves collaboration: with one version of the truth in front of them, everyone is on the same page.
  • Reduces cost of insight: more time and money can be spent on thinking about and acting on the insight, not processing the data.
  • Makes data democratic and usable  the information hierarchy is reversed, giving everyone an understanding of business context and trends, and the power to have ideas, solve problems and make decisions.
  • Stamps out inefficiencies: it highlights maverick or cost-prohibitive spend, under-utilised assets, ineffective campaigns, unprofitable customers and unproductive contracts.

How we deliver it:

As a fully-managed service – we design, build, launch, control and support a complete analytics solution to meet your needs.

Consultancy – you have access to industry domain experts and data animators who can give you strategic direction, help you understand complex commercial problems and identify appropriate solutions.

Ongoing support – day by day our team will keep your Data Satellite running smoothly, tracking the changing data and interpreting patterns.

Training – we design and run standard courses in best-practice techniques and our preferred technology products, and customised hands-on training designed to meet specific needs. 

Traditional VS Atheon Analytic approach 
Traditional approach: Focus on data DataSatellite approach: Focus on interpretation and insight
Huge time and effort is spent analysing multiple large data sets – testing and cleaning, merging, aggregating, summarising, testing for completeness, adding measures and metrics, making sense of the results... The entire cycle is automated – crunching millions of rows of data at a time. Fewer man hours are involved, and you get and can act on insights more quickly.
You’re left with a daunting, slow, unresponsive and confusing sea of reports, cavernous 'data warehouses' or mountainous 'cubes'. Spreadsheets are the last mile in data analysis – and only a chosen few can interpret them. Complexity is reduced, empowering everyone from dedicated data analysts to executives to explore large volumes of data quickly and intuitively. Exploration is encouraged, in an environment that responds to enquiry.
It’s a struggle trying to communicate the understanding to others. You can easily and clearly communicate to the rest of the business and customers, suppliers and partners – with a rich, interesting narrative supported by simple, expressive illustrations.
The organisation’s internal enterprise databases are the only data sources available – and the only ones you need. Data from internal systems is blended with data from customers, suppliers and market intelligence providers, data from the internet – including the myriad of consumer interactions available from social networking.

What next?

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We design, build, launch, control and support a complete visual analytics solution to meet your needs.
— Atheon Analytics