Humanising data through
Visual Analytics.

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Our products

We provide tools to help you visualise, explore and understand your organisation and its performance.

We design, build and manage SKUtrakĀ® - the UK's leading grocery Flow-of-Goods tracker for FMCG suppliers - providing visual analytics for ALL suppliers to UK supermarkets.

We supply, use, deploy and manage the market leader in data visualisation and visual analytics - Tableau - working with clients across retail, consumer goods and beyond.

We employ Snowflake - the data warehouse built for the cloud - to accelerate and drive effective visual analytics.



Our services

We work with organisations of all sizes that aspire to be more data-driven, and want to use innovative visualisation and robust analytics to achieve this.

Our team of consultant visual analysts tackle your organisation's questions using its data - we provide you with pragmatic but compelling insights, working at a level of detail and speed that will surprise and delight you.



Our team

The Data Animators at Atheon include retail analysts, visual analysts, software engineers, product managers, marketers, sales specialists and support advisors.

We are led by an executive team of three, drawing on deep expertise in computer science and grocery retail, with over 50 years of retail analytics experience between them.


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