SKUtrak Milestone for Morrisons' suppliers

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Atheon is proud to announce that since launching in January the Morrisons channel of its SKUtrak service; the UK’s leading grocery flow of good tracker already boasts over 100 Morrisons’ suppliers.

The new channel was made available for all Morrisons’ suppliers who subscribe to Morrisons’ Supplier Database (commonly known as MSD) just as the original Sainsbury’s channel was available to all those who receive Sainsbury’s Horizon data. These SKUtrak channels are available in both Free and Premium editions. The Free editions for either retailer collect data automatically every day and display it in an interactive, visual dashboard. Upgrading a SKUtrak channel adds root-cause analysis, promotional tracking, and range planning tools; following a single SKU through multiple types of analysis with ease, from one end of the supply chain to the other.

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The original Sainsbury’s channel reached more than 400 UK FMCG suppliers within two years of release, 90% of the subscriptions to the new Morrisons channel within these first 5 months were from existing SKUtrak customers, further establishing Atheon as the provider of the UK’s leading grocery flow-of-goods tracker. Atheon continues to develop, improve and enhance SKUtrak functionality to meet the needs of this ever increasing customer base, including expansion across further retailer channels.

If you supply Sainsbury’s or Morrisons then register today for the Free editions at, contact us to find out more about the upgraded editions, or to receive news and updates on SKUtrak.

I’m ecstatic at the performance of the new SKUtrak channel following the intense interest from our customer base for a multi-retailer offer, it is already proving every bit as successful as the original Sainsbury’s based service.
— Chris Needham, SKUtrak Product Manager
With over 100 companies choosing SKUtrak as their preferred means of exploring MSD data, in just 6 months from launch, it highlights the need for enhanced data services. The next generation of retailer-supplier collaboration comes from shared analysis, insight, understanding and action – and SKUtrak provides precisely this for an increasingly large proportion of UK grocery retail.
— Guy Cuthbert, Managing Director
Callum Harrison