Sainsbury's Trade Briefing 2016

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We need to use data to do a better job for our customers
— Mike Coupe

Sainsbury's announced at their trade briefing that they want their suppliers to...

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"Delivering great availability"

Suppliers must ensure their products are physically available for customers to purchase.

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A "pro-active approach" to "sharing information"

Suppliers have to be actively finding potential opportunities and then sharing these with Sainsbury's to ensure mutual gain.


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"Working together as trusted partners"

Suppliers need to be sharing their plans with Sainsbury's in order to reduce friction within the flow-of-goods. This will transform trading relationships into trusted partnerships. 

We created SKUtrak® to help suppliers proactively collaborate with retailers as trusted partners through shared information, mutually unlocking the value of a data-led approach which enables suppliers to optimise their trading relationship, ultimately delivering a more mutually beneficial experience for consumers.

SKUtrak achieves all this by transforming your complex retailer data into easy-to-use visual dashboards. You can then use your data to work directly with retailers right across your flow-of-goods to reduce complexity and improve efficiency.

SKUtrak is free of charge for Sainsbury's & Morrisons' suppliers with other retailers also available. You can upgrade your account at any time and for any retailer channel.

You can find more information or register for a free account on our website

Callum Harrison