Sainsbury's Trade Briefing 2017


Sainsbury's announced a new growth strategy at last week's trade briefing.

We are redesigning our supply base.
We expect more ideas from you to drive costs down and customer value up.
— Adrian Cook, Director of Fresh Food
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Drive COGS reductions on the back of efficiencies
Stock Efficiency, Availability & Responsiveness
— Karen Whitworth, Director of Non-Food Grocery

Sainsbury's 'value chain' is the same as our 'flow-of-goods' model which SKUtrak® is designed to measure, monitor and improve!

SKUtrak® is a free service for all Sainsbury's and Morrisons suppliers that harnesses the power of your Sainsbury's Horizon and Morrisons MSD data.

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We created SKUtrak® to help you collaborate with your retail customers as a trusted partner through better use of your shared information, so you can optimise your trading relationship by unlocking the hidden value in the data".

SKUtrak transforms complex, difficult to use retailer data into simple, consistent, visual dashboards. With SKUtrak you can see your insight across the retailers, so you can work directly with them to reduce complexity and improve efficiency in your 'flow of goods'.

SKUtrak is the fastest, low cost method to drive your availability, sales and growth in a data-driven way

The free version is a no brainer - all Horizon users should have this as it doesn’t cost anything and gives improved visibility through the daily alerts and dashboard.
— Sarah Poole, National Account Manager, Baylis & Harding Ltd
Callum Harrison