Humanising data.

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Introducing Atheon Analytics

We believe that:

Most people enjoy exploring, discovering and understanding the world around them, but
In a complex world, exploring, discovering and understanding can feel impossible, so
We want to help people to explore, discover and understand their world


Vast amounts of data, properly organised, should help to describe our complex world, so
We need to help people to explore vast data, so that they discover and understand, and
We call this principle

Humanising Data

“The idea is to go from numbers to information to understanding.”

- Hans Rosling -


Our history

Atheon Analytics was formed in 2005 and has developed, deployed and taught Visual Analytics as its primary analytical method since discovering Visokio Omniscope in April 2006. Over the past decade Atheon has refined its methods, explored and evaluated numerous tools and introduced hundreds of organisations - largely in the grocery retail supply chain - to the benefits of exploring, analysing and communicating organisational performance through visual analytics.

Since 2010 Atheon has paired leading edge visual analytics tools and techniques with proven third party technologies to collect, process and manage data. The initial generation of this software-as-a-service platform was known as DataSatellite™, and provided a generic 'visual analytics as a service' platform via partners to organisations across public and private sectors.

In 2015, following development of an initial proof of concept service for suppliers to Sainsbury's, Atheon released SKUtrak®, a comprehensive sales and supply chain analytics service for all suppliers to the ‘GSCOP 12’ supermarkets. SKUtrak is now the UK's leading flow-of goods-tracker for FMCG suppliers, used by over 1000 businesses.


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The first step on the journey to humanise your data is a conversation - talk to us about your organisation, your ideas, your people, your challenges and your opportunities; if we believe that a data-driven approach might help you, we can discuss a range of options to get you started.

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