When it comes to promotions SKUtrak® Developer gives you the chance to become completely autonomous in analysing complex data sets. You will have the capability to see what many others have failed to using daily store-level data, detailed visuals and optimised analytics. SKUtrak Developer helps combine store layout information, promotional plans and daily store-level data onto one intuitive platform. Get the recognition you deserve without having to go through the archaic process of sieving though slow, laborious analytical platforms and numerous rows of spreadsheet data.

Precision - All the data at your fingertips

  • Unlike many other analytical platforms, SKUtrak Developer provides data which is automatically collected to all its users. This means the monitoring of store compliance can be achieved in minutes, rather than hours. Particularly important because analysing a promotions performance on week-old sets of data doesn’t allow you to be proactive in preempting any stock issues that may occur.

  • From aisle-end displays to front of store plinths, SKUtrak Developer maps individual store layouts to daily EPOS sales data giving exact performance per store. This level of precision gives you the capability to see what many others can not in a fraction of the time it takes standard retailer analysis platforms.

  • Atheon’s Synthetic measures support your analysis without having to re-invent the wheel. (expand).



visualised - your data has never looked so good

  • Atheon and Tableau’s partnership allows world leading visual analytics to be applied to your mundane data sets, and through Developer, our team can support you throughout the process.

  • Get important things such as… noticed quickly. Our software instantly turns all of your data into presentable material, which means saying goodbye to the lengthy loading times and overly complex tables used by other analytical software programs.

  • Through visualisation you can communicate your in-depth knowledge of the complex data without having to be a data genius, and you will become the expert of every facet of every promotion.

  • Above all SKUtrak Developer will allow you to take real pride in presenting your findings to empirical experts, showcasing the stunning visuals this software has to offer.



Impact - Go beyond the everyday reporting, make measurable changes

  • Making measurable change relies on up-to-date data sets, a platform which allows you to interpret data easily and you taking the initiative to make these changes. SKUtrak Developer makes it easy to compare and contrast data from different stores, or from different secondary spaces within those stores, resulting in actionable data interpretation.

  • You will be able to tactically investigate previously difficult ares such as: Product makeup, positioning, mechanics and discounts (need more advise on how to expand).

  • The SKUtrak Developer package will enable you to become the expert and be able to advise strategical changes to campaigns. Your colleagues will start to recognise you as the go-to employee when it comes to data analytics. Through its simplicity, intuitiveness and boldly visual dashboard, you will be able to become autonomous in analysing, without needing all the knowledge of a Data Analyst.


Real-world Application


1. In this example, stores with secondary space are compared to stores without secondary space. Both are running the same on-shelf promotion.

2. The uplift variation between the two groups of stores is established by comparing against previous promotional periods.

3. This promotion demonstrated a 350% incremental uplift as a result of using secondary space (displayed through the dotted green lines).