Gold for information security

Atheon Analytics has been awarded a Gold certificate by IASME in its latest information security audited assessment. The IASME Gold award is the highest level of certification available and is awarded to organisations with information security and assurance programmes which are scored as "Excellent" during the audit process, against the IASME standards.

Ed Crawford, Operations Manager and Security Officer at Atheon Analytics, said "We have been developing our information security practices over the past three years, and Gold certification from IASME represents excellent external recognition for all the hard work that my team has put in. We see information security as an ongoing process, and will continue to invest in implementing best practices and meeting recognised standards."

Guy Cuthbert, Managing Director, said "Ed and his team are right to be proud of the IASME Gold certification achieved - it is testament to the value placed on information security. The audit process was tough, but we're delighted to have passed with flying colours; my board colleagues and I believe that external accreditation, from a recognised body like IASME, is essential to our success. Feedback from customers has been very positive; external verification of our capability provides the assurance they need that their data is in the best possible hands."

Callum Harrison