Atheon Analytics, the data revolution

Visual analytics specialists Atheon Analytics give Hyve an insight into their data revolution.

We speak to Guy Cuthbert, who explains how Atheon's partnership with Hyve has played a fundamental role in assisting businesses to uncover the value of their company data. Virtually every company uses and creates data on a daily basis without fully understanding it. Working with businesses, the team at Atheon Analytics architect solutions to complex problems using data visualization software and techniques, aiming to uncover the underlying value of data.

“Data is useless on its own” explains Guy Cuthbert, Managing Director at Atheon Analytics. “Once it’s visualized, we understand it, we interact with it - we can see the subtle visual stories when we look at data in great detail”.

Graphs, charts and other visual aids are formed from raw data in an attempt to discover emerging patterns and relationships. These now digestible visuals are then open to interpretation and discussion, enabling both the client and the expert team at Atheon to interact with the findings. Atheon focus on the commercial (and particularly grocery retail) sector, using their advanced technologies to assess individual business’s sales figures and to gain a broader understanding of the market.

“We can make informed predictions about the sale of a particular item - we have access to a lot of useful national statistics and existing sales figures” explains Cuthbert. It is Atheon's knowledge of the commercial market that is invaluable to small businesses who use their services to assist in pitching to leading retailers and suppliers.

Having worked with suppliers such as Coca Cola and Nestle and collaborating with leading retailers such as Waitrose and Sainsbury’s, Atheon’s data revolution is in full force. In June 2013 Atheon were awarded the coveted Gold Technology Supplier of the Year at The Grocer Gold Awards, an accolade which has placed them at the forefront of the industry.

Atheon’s success was not unexpected. Hyve have overseen Atheon’s expansion, having hosted their Data Satellite platform and providing their Secure FTP solutions for a number of years. Initially functioning as the consultation firm Atheon Consulting, the business shifted in direction in 2010 to become a data visualisation company when it merged with Atheon Software Products. “We evolved to move with the times. There were so many big data problems that we felt that we could solve”, explains Cuthbert.

Under the new title of Atheon Analytics, the company built their own technology platform to provide enhanced accessibility to their existing clients. Data Satellite is a fully managed analytics platform that integrates raw data from individual businesses, partners, suppliers and customers to provide information about how products are sold.

The system illustrates data in various visual and interactive forms in order to explore relationships between sets of data, aiming to uncover unusual or interesting sales patterns. Data Satellite provides a snapshot of a particular market at one point in time, over time and considering interacting variables.

The company's transformation into Atheon Analytics and creation of the Data Satellite platform was a major turning point in the company's relatively short history. It reflected not only the business's inevitable growth and success, but also marked the beginning of the Hyve - Atheon partnership.

When a decision was made internally at the beginning of 2012 to outsource IT development and management, Atheon considered their options. With their software development company already hosting with Rackspace, Atheon approached them with their latest venture.

“Rackspace ticked all the boxes and gave us what we needed, but they were lacking something”, Cuthbert explains. “We knew they were capable, but it felt like a very corporate service.” Already providing Secure FTP plans for Atheon, Hyve were approached to discuss potential hosting solutions.

“From the initial dialogues with Hyve it felt natural, the enthusiasm was refreshing,” explains Cuthbert. “We felt that Hyve were offering a very personal service. We needed a host who could not only facilitate our growth, but also offer flexibility and innovation.”

With the business continuing to grow, Atheon are able to scale up their servers as and when they require, and the technical team at Hyve have worked seamlessly to generate solutions to any issues that have occurred as part of their expansion.

As Atheon continue to work with high-profile clients, our team support them not only in terms of providing technical expertise, but also by ensuring advanced security measures are undertaken.

“Hosting in-house needs regular monitoring, but we can leave everything in your hands so that we can concentrate on our clients and the success of our business”, explains Cuthbert.

Hyve provide Atheon with Secure FTP plans, ensuring maximum levels of security and data encryption for sensitive data and valuable documents. Hyve also protect Atheon against DDoS attacks and hacking attempts, which have become a risk for so many businesses over the past few years.

“We have a great relationship with Hyve”, explains Cuthbert, “the technical team don’t just do what we ask, they’ll suggest constructive, alternative solutions with our best interests at heart”. It is this philosophy that is fundamental to our ongoing partnerships with our clients, and one which we feel is particularly unique with Atheon.

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Callum Harrison