“EXASOL in my backpack”

“EXASOL in my backpack” demonstrates significant development cost savings by running on-premise – and by using a smattering of LEGO too

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EXASOL, Bracknell, UK, 6 September 2016 – In-memory analytic database vendor EXASOL, confirmed as the fastest by the TPC-H industry standards, and user of EXASOL technology, Atheon Analytics, today showcased the fastest ever commodity-hardware-based four-server analytics database cluster that can be dismantled and transported in a backpack. The simple setup uses off-the-shelf mini PCs and has a bespoke network switch rack made out of LEGO.

Atheon Analytics, the specialist retail analytics consultancy working with some of the UK’s largest retailers and suppliers, has developed the innovative solution primarily to run their in-house development cluster.

We were faced with spending large ongoing sums of money to run our development in the cloud and then realised that the servers were only required during working hours. We didn’t need enterprise-level support for our development environment.
— Guy Cuthbert, Managing Director, Atheon Analytics
Callum Harrison