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Guy Cuthbert talks to V3 about firm's efforts to bring analytics to supermarket supplier base

Every day the UK supermarket giants such as Tesco, Sainsbury's or M&S publish data to their suppliers on how many of their items were sold across their store estate.

This data can then be analysed by suppliers to assess their performance and spot any issues. For example, if a promotion was expected to boost sales by 20 per cent but this has not happened, there could be a supply chain issue.

However, despite the clear advantage of such data, Guy Cuthbert (pictured), managing director at Atheon Analytics, a firm that provides analytic services for suppliers, has seen first hand that many fail to take advantage of this potential.

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We reckon that about half of the suppliers we have met with don’t even know this data is available, and the half that do, around 80 per cent just get hold of data at the end of month, and do a simple ‘how was the past month’ summary.
— Guy Cuthbert
Callum Harrison