Atheon Analytics has added a suite of forecast communication and analysis capabilities to its SKUtrak ‘flow-of-goods’ service, with the Co-op forecast data connected from launch.

The Co-op’s more than 1,200 suppliers can already access free, daily dashboards to monitor daily service level, availability and sales through SKUtrak, Atheon’s multi-retailer visual reporting and analysis platform. The firm stated that this latest free-for-life tool highlights all significant changes in forecasted demand, allowing suppliers to react appropriately or discuss with the Co-op.

“Enabling our suppliers to make quicker, more informed decisions by highlighting daily order forecast changes in SKUtrak represents one of the many, positive steps we are taking to work collaboratively with our suppliers,” said Chris Machin, Head of Fresh Supply, Co-op.

Changes in forecast can be complex and time-consuming to understand, making it difficult for suppliers to react. It is claimed that by using SKUtrak to highlight changes in forecasted demand, suppliers can take corrective action where needed. When combined with other SKUtrak information on supplier service levels, current sales and availability, suppliers have all the information required to assess forecast credibility and act accordingly.

Machin explained: “Using the SKUtrak platform to highlight the change in demand forecast permits a move to a more collaborative process in which our suppliers and our analysts can review, flag and amend upcoming forecasts in-line with actual expected demand. We can take into account real-world influencing factors to ensure forecasts reflect reality and resulting orders are better executed.”

Guy Cuthbert, CEO at Atheon Analytics, commented: “We are driving SKUtrak to provide the tools and insights required for suppliers to react in a timely manner. When all parties understand, agree and act upon shared forecasts the benefits to the flow-of-goods are profound; improved availability, reduced waste and more profitable promotions.”

Callum Harrison