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Atheon Analytics: Unlocking the value in data – the science of visualisation

Maximising the value from data is a key business goal but what does that mean in practice? With the growth of accessible visual data analytics tools, the onus is on business users to generate their own insight. As a result, too many individuals waste hours of their day in the hope of making data more understandable. Rather than achieving intelligent, meaningful business insight, for many highly experienced business users, data has become a burden.

This has to change – and a growing number of organisations now recognise the importance of visual analytics specialists; experts in both data analytics and the science of data visualisation. They understand that creating the ‘right’ visual depends on the question being asked – not a random decision to use the chart wizard to add colour.

With the right approach, visual analytics can transform the way data is understood and used to support business decisions. Simon Runc, Principal Visual Analyst, Atheon Analytics, explains the science behind data visualisation.


Callum Harrison