Vision for data quality in retail

Guy Cuthbert, Managing Director at Atheon Analytics, delivered the keynote presentation at the  Experian QAS forum for Retailers yesterday (17 October), at Centrepoint Panorama in London. The event , Experian's first for the retail sector, focused on the nature, impact and value of data quality for retailers. The theme for Guy's talk, entitled "Vision for data quality in retail" , was the commercial value of actionable insight available from good quality data, though the use of data visualisation and visual analytics techniques.

After the presentation, Guy joined Experian's Lisa Bhaura and Janani Dumbleton on a speaker panel to address questions from the likes of Ratuken, Sony Europe and Miele UK. The panel addressed a range of questions on topics, including determining "true" [nett nett] price, linking social data with customer insight and the trials and tribulations of suppliers interpreting retailer sales data.

The audience raised a series of interesting questions, many focused on the challenges of raising the profile of data quality within their business, and attributing value to effective data governance. My advice is to associate an easily understood, highly visible metric - financial preferably - with each percentage point on your data quality index. This can open up a constructive dialogue with finance, helping to broaden thinking about your data asset, and is easily communicated to senior management.
— Guy Cuthbert, Managing Director

You can view Guy's presentation here, or contact us for more information.

Guy Cuthbert