We use Machine Learning to unlock the value in your data and create intelligent systems which give you clear answers to difficult questions.


Harness your data

Distilling a sea of POS signals, supply flows and internal sources, we predict issues, forecast demand and provide the insight needed to act effectively.


Retrospective reporting no longer cuts it

In a world awash with data, harnessing it effectively is key to success. Traditional reporting lets us explain away the past, but we need accurate foresight to affect the future.

Our bespoke solutions learn from a wide array of sources, inherently accounting for the various interdependencies at play. Understanding your universe, we can make predictions and model impact with an accuracy which would not be attainable with traditional methods.
— Adam Booth, Data Scientist, Atheon Analytics

Why machine learning?


Real-world decision-making is complex

BUT more information than ever is available to support us...

Using this information effectively is key to making better decisions

BUT most situations require us to process information at volumes beyond our cognitive capabilities

We use machine learning to process the mass of available data, transforming billions of records into clear answers.
Our solutions replace the indecipherable torrent of data with targeted information, providing decision makers with everything they need to make the right call.

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