Store Specific Ranges

By combining daily EPOS data, by store, and enhanced with behavioural clustering SKUtrak® Developer will allow you to get the right range, in the right store, at the right time. Suppliers that try to implement store specific ranges often fall short of the mark due to not having the time to keep on top of changing habits, the tools to make this process feasible, or the budget needed to make this a success. SKUtrak Developer changes all of this. It will allow you to be empirical with your data (phrased correctly?), and then transform it into meaningful, visual, interactive tables, without the need to be a data analyst, thus eliminating a lot of the barriers which traditionally made this process difficult.



Empirical - Truly understand where and when your products are bought

  • Having extremely accurate data is the only way to truly understand how your customers behave. SKUtrak Developer does the difficult work for you by automatically collecting daily EPOS data and combining it at store-level. This eliminates a process that could take hours using other analytical tools.

  • Splitting product ranges into regional areas works but, why not take it a step further with store specific ranges, showcasing your attention to detail to both retailers and customers.



Enhance - Your understanding of complex data

  • SKUtrak Developers algorithmic approach can help you to discover previously hidden patterns and buying habits, through a range of tools that complete all the laborious and time consuming work for you.

  • With such a vast array of tools at your disposal, make the retailer start turning to you for better insights into how your products sell in each of their stores. Seem far fetched? It wont do because you will know how your customers behave better than anybody else, and that is the way it should be.

  • It must be stressed that you do not need to be an expert analyst in order to interpret and understand your data, because SKUtrak Developer does this for you.

  • You will always have the expertise of our team to fall back on should you need assistance.



Leverage - Bring visual excellence to your data

  • Your data will be visualised in compelling ways through our partnership with Tableau, a world leading data visualisation programme.

  • You will have actionable data presented at store-level meaning you can start to reduce wastage by ensuring the right products are put in the right stores at the right time.

  • The SKUtrak Developer package will give you the tools and training needed to become the sought after employee when it comes to data analysis. This comes in forms varying from collaborative workshops, to detailed commentary in insight packs.