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We are Data Animators

Since 2005, Atheon Analytics has helped hundreds of organisations improve performance through effective application of Visual Analytics helping people explore and understand their organisation through its data. Let us bring your data to life, showing you in detail how your organisation operates and where you can focus your efforts to make the most effective changes.


Working for you with
::  Data-driven Commercial Consulting

We can work for you; our team of consultant visual analysts applying their accumulated years of experience and expertise to your organisational challenges. This is data-driven management consulting, working at a level of detail and speed that will surprise and delight you.

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::  Visual Analytics Training and Development

We can also work with you; our visual analysts providing training, hands-on skills development, custom project advice and remote support and assistance. 


Commercial Consulting.


Working for you to answer your questions

How we work

Since our formation in 2005, Atheon Analytics has applied a data-driven approach to commercial consulting problems. Working with clients in many different sectors - but with particular strength and depth in consumer goods and grocery retail  - we have learned to keep an open mind, define the problem clearly and use all available data to explore it from many angles as we build a rich, interactive picture of potential solutions to help you arrive at your own conclusions on how to change.

define the problem

In defining the problem we collect and test sample data sets, interview key personnel - not just management, but practitioners too - and draw on our considerable experience. Our aim is to help you to define the problem, and the key features of a desirable solution; one that you can implement quickly, and measure its effect easily, to achieve a return on your investment as soon as possible.

Explore data, Analyse and Understand

At the heart of our method is the use of Visual Analytics to explore and test data, derive hypotheses, examine evidence for and against, and create compelling visual models of potential solutions. Using high performance tools we are able to explore very large data sets - billions of data points - within a few weeks, to develop both top-down and bottom-up perspectives on the problem. In many cases it is our ability to dive below weekly category performance, into daily product-level details, that uncovers hidden opportunities and a myriad of possible solutions.

As we explore organisational data, and enrich it with public domain and proprietary data (weather, locations, demographics etc.), so insights emerge and our understanding grows. Travelling through the data at speed, using visualisation and algorithms to guide our efforts, we identify patterns of over- and under-performance.

Many of our most effective solutions have been as simple as increasing conditions for over-performance, and reducing  those for under-performance; our skill is in identifying those conditions, and establishing their likely impact on future performance.

... thank you for the work put in prior to today. It hit my expectation exactly and it’s not often that we see this.
— Trading Director -, Wm Morrisons Supermarkets plc

Communicate Solutions

To ensure that you understand, test and implement our recommendations and conclusions we invest time and effort to walk you through them using rich, interactive visual models. You work with us in interactive workshops where we explore your organisation's performance together - considering potential solutions to our defined problems, and helping you to define appropriate action plans and measures of success.

Test and Measure

No solution is guaranteed to work as planned - even the best predictions are far from certain. Having arrived at implementable solutions together, we sketch, design, build and implement appropriate tools to measure the impact of agreed change. We work with you, using these tools, to measure the impact of change and adjust course where appropriate.


Visual Analytics Training
and Development.


Working with you to develop your inner analyst

Visual Analytics is a discipline that can be taught to anyone with a curiosity in the world around them, and access to some data about it. At Atheon we specialise in teaching visual analytics principles and practice using Tableau. Our consultant visual analysts have developed deep and broad expertise in Tableau across several related uses:

Exploratory Analytics

Utilise Visual Analytics to explore unfamiliar data sets, assess their quality and determine how to blend and use them in meaningful ways to answer questions around organisational performance.


Use Visual Analytics to build simple visual reports that speak to broad audiences in your organisation, highlighting performance against expected budgets, forecasts or previous periods.


Employ VIsual Analytics to tackle "Known Unknown" questions as they emerge in your organisation; developing a rapid reaction capability to any senior management query.

Embedded Analytics

Embed Visual Analytics in business processes to encourage and develop fact-based decision-making; establishing a practical foundation for data-driven business culture.

We’ve had three really intense days ... great throughout, very focused and willing to help. It was a pleasure working with [you] and would love to continue collaborating.
— Global Pricing Manager, Puig

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