Video: Tableau's Think Data Thursday

Interactivity (ie. Actions) is one of the most powerful features in Tableau. It really brings your visualizations to life, enhancing the analytics flow and allowing the user to reveal the relevant information as they require it.

Actions have barely changed in the last 8 years, as Tableau absolutely nailed it. By understanding the way they are implemented, we can achieve an incredible level of flexibility by using this understanding creatively.

In this talk Simon will explain how actions are implemented in Tableau and how, armed with this knowledge, we can achieve some very cool behaviors...creating an App-like experience using

• Action Driven Sheet Swaps

• Self Deselecting Navigations

• In Context Actions

• Global and Local Filtering

• And many other tricks

Simon will also look to the future of Actions. 2018.3 (Beta) introduces the first addition to actions in years, with Set Actions and Button Navigations. I’ll show why Set Actions are a game changer, and how the Button Navigations will simplify the flow of your dashboards.

Simon is a Visual Data Analyst at Atheon Analytics, where he humanizes data for the retail sector. He has over 10 years’ experience across many analytical roles. He's all about data-driven decision making and Data Visualization is his weapon-of-choice, in this endeavor.

Simon Runc