Data Viz Myths - Myth 2: Never use 3D (Video)


Mini-series episode 2 of 3 - Never use 3D

3D charts, a widely used method of presenting data. But how useful actually is 3D based off of the way us humans process information? This episode discusses how 3D can be misleading and why the brain sometimes struggles to accurately visualise 3D.

Simon Runc @Runkski is the Principal Visual Analyst at Atheon Analytics, with an on-going mission to humanise data for the retail sector. Simon has over 12 years of retail experience across many analytical roles. He's all about data-driven decision making, and data visualisation is his weapon-of-choice in this endeavour (augmented with some statistics and maths). He started using Tableau in 2014, where it was love at first sight and was made a Tableau Forum Ambassador in 2015. He attributes most of his Tableau knowledge to his engagement in this wonderful resource.

Simon also contributes his expertise towards the annual Tableau whitepapers ‘Top 10 Retail Dashboards for Better Performance’ & ‘12 Powerful Retail Dashboards’.