SKUtrak® Developer

SKUtrak® Developer is a range of advanced professional service packages that augments your existing SKUtrak flow-of-goods data, and allows you to produce world-class custom analytics by applying the SKUtrak principles; interactive, visual, and actionable.


These are the types of specific products created by suppliers on a Developer package


Secondary Space Promotional Analysis

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Store Specific Availability Optimiser

Retailers generally look at Availability as a percentage. While this is a useful measure, it doesn’t  capture the size of the problem (which is missing distribution points), and so resource is wasted fixing low distribution/low sales products with a low percentage availability, rather than focus on  what will have the largest impact.


Store Specific Waste Manager

Identifying wasting products, and the cause of waste is a big problem for retailers. Due to the  difficulty of consuming large text tables retailers are forced to look at waste in aggregation, and not at store level.

Often high wasting products are only high wasting in some stores, and correcting these stores (either by amending forecasts, facings or de-listing altogether) can have a huge impact on waste reduction.


SKUtrak® Developer

Only you know your business, and we can help you to use your data like the experts you are 


Combining the power of your SKUtrak retail data, your own internal data feeds, and our world-class visual analytics techniques, you can build the visual analytics tools to run your business.

Become industry leading analysts. Unlock the hidden insight in your data.

  • Train Tableau visual analysts.

  • Access to SKUtrak Datasources.

  • Atheon Analysts on-call.


  • Influencer: I am the person senior management look to when it comes to data analysis problems. I am competent but self taught in Excel due to my innate technical ability. I am frustrated with the unwieldy process and the time to get to answers. I want to become self sufficient in producing high quality, robust analysis that improves my reputation internally and externally

  • Decision Maker: My analysts struggle with standard data analytics and our customers expect more from us. Producing high quality visual analytics that add value to our specific problems will make us a cut above the rest. Bringing together disparate data is a challenge for our teams but we can see how supply chain and epos data from retailers will add value. I want to be seen in the same light as Unilever and P&G.


 SKUtrak Developer Can Help You With …



  • Store-level data automatically collected daily

  • Highly detailed analysis without the hard work

  • Discover what others have failed to

  • Beautifully presented using world leading Tableau visuals


Store Specific Ranges

  • Collects store-level daily EPOS data

  • Uses behavioural clustering to help understand your consumer

  • Ensures you have the correct products in the correct stores - eliminating guesswork

  • Spot previously hidden trends



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