Here at Atheon Analytics we have a small but highly skilled consultant visual analyst team recognised as world-class in the application of visual analytics to grocery retail supply chains. Our expertise is genuine and significant; if your organisation supplies products to supermarkets, convenience stores, online grocery operators or even local grocery stores then we will be familiar with many of your challenges in supplying the right product, to the right store, at the right time.

Our SKUtrak product suite offers a best-practice reporting and analysis toolset for suppliers to the major UK grocery chains, and our consulting team designs and develops all of the Tableau content used in SKUtrak. Our SKUtrak analytical tools represent world-class Tableau content, as evidenced by the inclusion of three SKUtrak dashboards in Tableau's Top 10 Retail Dashboards for Better Performance white paper.

Dashboard gallery

Explore examples of our work in the Tableau Public gallery.


Simon Runc, our Principal Visual Analyst, has recorded a variety of video content with Tableau covering a range of retail analytics topics. You can access these from the list below:


Video Shorts

White papers

Atheon Analytics authored content has appeared in a number of Tableau white papers. The links below provide access to a collection of papers which showcase some of our work: