Ed Crawford
Product Manager

Ed joined Atheon in 2009 to build the team of developers responsible for the Grocer Gold award-winning SKUtrak® service. 

Ed is accountable for the design, evolution, delivery and support of SKUtrak to our customers, and to ensure they are adequately trained and supported.


Rose Ahearne
Head of Service Delivery

Rose joined Atheon in 2014 as a specialist in database technologies, initially SQL Server and now EXASOL; which she blogs about on www.datageneration.co.uk.

Rose is accountable for the operation of the SKUtrak platform, data sets and Atheon’s security policies and practices, so that we deliver a fully operational and secure service for clients.


Alex Paterson
Consulting Manager

Alex joined Atheon in 2016 as Consulting Manager; specialising in grocery insight and large scale Tableau deployments.

Alex is accountable for the consulting team, liaising, engaging and executing visual analytics projects with Atheon's clients.


Callum Harrison
Marketing Manager

Callum joined Atheon in 2012 to support the commercial team during the early years of what is now known as SKUtrak.

Callum is accountable for the marketing team's mission; bringing Atheon's products and services to the masses.

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Simon Runc
Lead Visual Analyst & Tableau Ambassador

Simon joined Atheon in 2014 as the Lead Visual Analyst and has gone on to develop exceptional Tableau skills, making him a global expert in the application of Tableau in the grocery retail sector.

He is a leading figure in the Tableau Community as one of only 14 worldwide recognised Ambassadors.